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Downtown Moline

Village of East Davenport


    Lagomarcino's has always been a family business.

starting 5
The Starting Five
Angelo, Tom, Luigia, Mary and Charlie

Lagomarcino’s is a place steeped in family tradition. Sometimes, during the busy lunch hour as you’re sitting in one of the gorgeous, handcrafted mahogany booths, you will start to feel a nostalgic calm, a satisfying wistfulness. You will begin to notice pleasant memories drifting quietly past your table, sweet memories smelling faintly of chocolate.

In 1908 Angelo Lagomarcino, an immigrant from Northern Italy, founded Lagomarcino’s Confectionery in Moline, Illinois. Angelo and Luigia worked with their children Charlie, Mary and Tom. During the depression Charlie purchased the equipment and recipes of the Meadowbrook Candy Company. Charlie and his cousin Joe Schenone learned the art of working with chocolate. Mary packed candy boxes, ordered retail merchandise and cooked for the luncheonette. Tom was the ice cream maker.

Tom Lagomarcino Sr.
After the death of his brother and sister, Angelo’s son Tom and his wife Betsy continued the Moline business, with the help of all six of their children. In 1981, Beth Lagomarcino joined her parents in running the family business and was later joined by Tom Jr. and sister Lisa. Currently a fourth generation is working in the business.

Homemade candy remains an integral part of the business. Until 2004, Anita Schenone, Joe’s widow, was the candy maker who oversaw the making of chocolates in the copper kettle candy kitchen. Now Beth’s husband Terry and Tom Jr. continue the tradition. At Easter, Lagomarcino’s continues the old European art of casting chocolate eggs filled with individually wrapped chocolates or children’s candies.

Anita Scenone
Many decades after Angelo’s initial venture, the business continues to improve and expand. The décor of the Moline store (the fourth location downtown) was carefully planned in 1918. The booths were custom built by Moline Furniture Works. The Tiffany lamps lighting each booth were designed in New York. Cassini Tile of Rock Island installed the hexagon terrazzo floor with blue flowers to compliment the lamps. The metal ceiling dates to 1894. The store's original cigar and candy cases are supplemented by candy cases crafted in the late 40’s or early 50’s by Vander Vennett.

The Village of East Davenport store was originally a pharmacy, dating to 1915. In 1972, Joe Whitty opened the original Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor in this building., In 1997 it became the new Lagomarcino’s. The 1880’s walnut back bar came from the Snow White pharmacy in Maquoketa, Iowa, which closed in the 1970’s. The Bastian-Blessing Soda Fountain was used in Crawfordsville, Indiana in the 1940’s. The stained glass lamps are reminiscent of the lamps in one of Lagomarcino's early locations.

On behalf of Angelo and all of his descendants, we await your arrival.
lagos family
Lisa, Betsy, Beth, Tom Jr. and Tom Sr.

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